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Jun 3, 2014

How to Make Your Hair Shiny and Straight Fixed

How to Make Your Hair Shiny and Straight Fixed How to Make remain shiny and straight hair - hair that crowns repertory women are to be protected and cared for. Hair care should not be arbitrary, because the hair has a way of treatments varies according to your hair type, respectively. For example, if your hair is curly, in keeping you at the recommended use coconut oil to keep it shiny and beautiful, as well as straight hair that requires care which particular.
How to Make Your Hair Shiny and Straight Fixed
Caring for fine hair properly is one way to succeed in getting a shiny black hair and enchanting . Here are a few making permanent hair shiny and healthy , straight .

1 . Uses Tea
Tea is not just a delicious drink in the morning , but tea can also be a hair conditioner to keep your hair straighten and polish .

2 . Uses Milk
It could be you put the hair in a spray bottle , then spray milk all over your hair so that your hair stays straight and shiny black . Let stand for about 30 minutes and rinse clean

3 . Mixed milk and eggs
A mixture of two active natural ingredients will work in straightening hair and keep hair shiny , soft and easy to set up. Apply the mixture on your hair and allow it to dry , then clean it and see the results :)

4 . Mixed papaya and banana
This blend of natural ingredients will be useful hair mask to nourish hair , make hair shiny and straight black . The trick is to interfere with these two ingredients , and add a little milk in it and then spread it evenly on your hair . Wait for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly .

5 . Eggs
Your usual egg fried or boiled your your kitchen turned out to be a very good material for hair health . Take the egg and coat it on all over your hair , hair mask from this egg will make your hair straight and keep it shiny . after its use wait about 30-45 minutes and wash with cold water .

6 . Olive oil
Endless discusses the benefits of olive oil . This time can be olive oil to make a hair mask to keep it shiny and straight . You can interfere with egg oil for a more optimal result , this mask will straighten the hair and sparkling memb uatnya remain natural .

7 . Santan
Water extract of the coconut is very good for hair health . Another way to make your hair straight is with coconut milk . take coconut milk and mix with a few drops of lemon juice , let stand for 2 hours , after which apply the milk on your hair evenly . Let stand for 30 minutes and basuk with clean water .

8 . Yogurt
Another way is to make the hair remains shiny with the help of yogurt . Yogurt is beneficial to make your hair dandruff free healthy , and keep the hair does not fall out and keep hair shiny .

9 . Uses Vinegar
Vinegar is good for the hair , and makes hair straight and nice in order . The trick is to use vinegar is always on after keramaas hair .

10 Using lemon water .
Finally, to keep hair shiny and straight you can use lemon juice or lime , and beberpa capurkan with other natural materials such as , yogurt , coconut oil , milk , and eggs .

Do not forget to make hair stay shiny and straight hair use moetode care that we provide . Hard work and patience is the key to success in trying
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