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Aug 19, 2013

Beauty Skin Care Tips

Beauty Skin Care Tips - Beautiful Faces - In the medical literature, the skin is the most sensitive tissue in the other tissue in the human body. Skin that becomes most visible organ of the body is composed of 3 layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.
Beauty Skin Care Tips
Which is the outermost layer of the epidermis appeared to have 5-6 layers, where skin problems are at the bottom and stratum brasale epidermal layer. Order at this layer is not too obvious stains, such as acne scars, acne wait until cooked. Being on oily skin if it is still being done to increase the width of the erosion of the skin as well as hole pores also been great.

Although differentiated skin types including oily, dry and normal, but hormonal factors, environmental, and individual, also affected. Dr.. Magdalene Tan, a cosmetics consultant explained, that to get beautiful skin can not be based on one factor alone but also from within and outside the body took the role.

Dilemma experienced by women with oily skin acne generally is due to the many oil glands hormones produced by endrogen. On the other hand, it actually makes the oil glands youthful face. However the production of these hormones can be set in line with the type of food we eat as well as changes in age.

Types of fatty and greasy foods are contributing to the rising levels of oil, but in young adulthood (about 25 years) will decrease in hormone endrogen work, said Dr. Magdalena.

Environmental factors that influence skin conditions such as sunlight, air pollution and modernization (AC). The impact of the sun can make spots or black spots (dermarosis seboroick) on the face.

Moderate the influence of modernization in the form of use of continuous AC undeniable result in skin dryness, by changing the levels of the oil glands. Oily skin, fungi, and insects can also cause skin damage. Looking at individual factors affecting mainly lazy bad habits such as bathing, or lazy to clean your face.

We Know Your Skin
Said the normal skin type is the most perfect. And if we do not know the trick treatment, also remained in contact with acne prone. If you think oily skin can be cleaned with cleaners and toners for dry skin with the intention of participating dry skin or at least reduced oil content, it is the wrong thinking. The truth is, using special facial cleanser oily skin as a daily treatment for oily skin that is working to reduce and control excess oil levels.

Did you know that the real problem lies in the skin not only clean your face in ways that can ward off acne with a powerful, experienced other problems such as enlarged pores, pigmentation, and lethargy face. But clearly enlarged pores is a consequence although there are drugs that can shrink pores, though not perfect.

On dry skin does not cause acne, but if not treated early then the problem of wrinkles or premature aging is inevitable, especially facial pigmentation problems and lethargy may also occur. Hence, the skin needs protection's so special protective vitamin or really needs to do in order to remain healthy and fresh faces.

You have normal skin which is the desire of every person? This skin type rarely have problems with acne due oily, nor too dry, so that aging is not a threat.

If you already have normal skin then the next thing just a routine maintenance and do not be too tempted by the beauty products that promise this and that.

Effects Contraceptives
Skin tissue is very sensitive and thin, among others, eyelids, lips, face and neck skin, the treatment had to be extra careful. Types of cleaners are safe to use such soaps, cleansers, toners and vitamins. The eyelids and lips still must be cleaned to look crisp and fresh, which is necessary here only warm water or vitamin and do not use a cleanser because it's too loud, clear Dr. Magdalena further.

In addition to the cleanup that includes external factors, problems usually arise in the face of acne, pigmentation due to the influence of family planning contraceptives such as pills, injections, implants or even sunlight, lethargy face, dull and coarse (lesitude). The impact of the use of birth control can be brown spots / black or even acne.

Loss after the age of young adult acne but if after that still exist, most likely due to hormonal or genetic factors, he said adding that acne may occur due to the use of unsuitable cleaning skin type.

Oily skin types generally are the most frequent types of skin problems. This type of acne on the skin often occurs because the hole enlarged pores because the oil glands often secrete, resulting pores covered by oil, dust or other impurities

Select Tested Cosmetics
For women wearing cosmetics is a must, but even cosmetics have become a part in her very few things that should be known by women. Such as how to buy beauty products are safe or how to test cosmetics.

Of all the cosmetics on offer you'll want to use a product specifically for the tropics, especially tropical species-specific cosmetics had done previous research on the skin so that the failure percentage is very small because it is made specifically for tropical skin among Asians is clearly different from the skin non-tropical (Europe). Or look for products that have test cleanis medicine. Not much is product that has been done yet as the product can be guaranteed safety.

If you want to try a product, advises Dr.. Magdalena, cosmetics try it on the ear lobe and the inner sleeve. That area has the same sensitivity to the facial skin. When you want to know the reaction can be seen after 48 hours, he said. When the cause hives or flushed skin, then there has been irritation. To be safe rest for 2 weeks after that you can find the new cosmetic reactions perfectly.

Beginning Of Care
Skin care for a woman should be started in adolescence, approximately age 15 years. Once we know when enough is to take care of, the next step is to identify the right type of skin and do not change according to the type of skin cleanser besides. To face problems, treatment should be in line with the treatment, should not own path.

Experiencing skin regeneration once every 2-3 weeks or after 14 days, so it's good also in the face of every month-facial or rather at the time of regeneration. For oily skin can be 2 weeks. In addition to working to remove dead skin that can not slip away, also cleared kororan perfectly.

Consisting of facial cleanser, massage, pilling, and the mask is really very useful. Pilling serves to open pores so easily remove dirt including the immature acne / blackheads. Meanwhile, make the face look firmer and faster circulation is usability mask. Therefore, routine use of 2 weeks is obviously very good in addition to supporting beauty.
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