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Aug 19, 2013

Body Skin Problems and Solutions

Body Skin Problems and Solutions - Skin or body certainly never had any problems caused by weather factors, physical and mental, food, and others. Many ways can be done to overcome them, for example by doing a skin care or lifestyle changes to become healthier. In general, the body shell has 5 problems such as dry skin, dull, wrinkled, rough, and uneven skin tone. The fifth body skin problems if left unchecked would be more severe because not only beauty but also loss can cause more severe skin problems such as the emergence of a lot of spots. Here are some solutions that are tailored to skin problems we often face.
Body Skin Problems and Solutions
1. Dry skin
How to cope with dry skin can be overcome by the use of body lotion on a regular basis, especially when the skin begins to dry conditions. In addition to the use of body lotion, we are strongly encouraged to regularly drink water or eat fruits that contain a lot of water content like watermelon. The body consists of water as much as 80%. Therefore, if the water needs are not met then the skin will give the signal to become dry due to lack of fluids.

2. Dull skin
Dull skin usually looks dark. They may be caused by dead skin cells that are not chipped or burned by sun exposure. To overcome this, we can choose a body lotion that contains natural lightening ingredients, such as the content of yam, chinese pearl powder, and others. In addition, to maintain the beauty of skin from becoming dull, lifestyle must be changed, such as quitting smoking, eating lots of vegetables, drinking enough water, and others.

3. Skin wrinkles
Skin wrinkles not only occur on the face, but can also occur in all parts of the body. Use body lotion containing Goji Berry fruit or Vitamin E may be a practical solution and can be done anytime and anywhere. In addition, the consumption of fruits and fish may help restore skin keealastisan.

4. Rough skin
Rough skin not only feels scaly to the touch, but also often unsightly due to visible cracks. To overcome this, we can choose a body scrub or body lotion that contains Japanese rice. Japanese rice is very nutritious to soften rough skin and blemishes on the skin.

5. Uneven skin tone
For those of you who frequent outdoor activities, of course, very often have problems hearing or uneven skin tone. This could be caused by ultra violet rays that the body parts that are not covered by clothing. To get beautiful skin and gorgeous not only have white skin on certain parts of the body, but also the whole body skin. Therefore, prior to outdoor activities, use a body lotion that contains UV protection.
That's 5 skin problems and solutions. Skin care starts immediately do it now before more severe skin problems arise. Good luck and say goodbye to skin problems that are being faced.
Similarly, the discussion of article 5 Body Skin Problems and Solutions may be useful for all of us, especially the women
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